18 January 2012

Pyramidal - Dawn in Space

Thanks to Pyramidal from Spain for sharing their first Album with me. It reminds me of a great mixture between Samsara Blues Experiment, The:Egocentrics and The Heads.

Pyramidal is a Psychedelic / Space-Rock band from Alicante, Spain. Their influences come from progressive and hard rock bands of the 70s such as Hawkwind, Can, Black Sabbath, Amon Düül II, Captain Beyond or Ash Ra Tempel.

Born in 2010, Pyramidal’s members have a long career within the hard rock, stoner and psychedelic music scene, and played in several bands before.
Their first work came up at the end of December 2011 under the title “Dawn In Space”.
A seven tracks LP mostly instrumental, full of lysergic sounds, obscure psychedelia and hypnotic rhythms that will take you to the deepest trance.

Enjoy your cosmic journey with us!

The crew:

Miguel Rodes: Bass

Miguel Angel Sanz: Guitar & Synthesizer

Oscar Soler: Guitar & Vocals

Lluis Mas: Drums & Percussion


Dawn In Space (CD, Radix Records, 2011)

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  1. yeah, if you're into heavy psychedelic rock, you'll love Pyramidal!

    chech this interview of them on Blastingdays :