23 January 2012

Kings Destroy

Thanks to Steve Murphy from Kings Destroy for sharing their album with me. Kings Destroy is a nice downtempo doomlike stonerrock band from Brooklyn/NYC. Since Steve Murphy is an Irish citizen, who's representing Ireland and Stoner Rock in the whole wide world, it's a great pleasure for me, to share this album with you.
Their sound is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath with a great mixture of other Stoner Rock and and especially Doom Bands like Electric Wizard. And all that has a nice Hardcore finish. I always say, that you can classify the early Sabbath Work as Stoner Rock and these guys prove that I'm (almost) right.
The members are Carl Porcaro (Guitar), Chris Skowronski (Guitar), Steve Murphy(Vocals), Rob Sefcik (Drums), Ed Bocchino (Bass)

Bio: Kings Destroy, NYC’s newest hybrid of Stoner Rock, Doom and Hardcore, unites musicians from many of the genres’ most prolific bands. Hailing from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, KD features guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski from legendary, 100k album selling ‘Killing Time’, vocalist Steve Murphy from ‘Uppercut’, drummer Rob Sefcik formerly of ‘Mans Ruin’, ‘The Begotten’, ‘Uppercut’ and ‘Electric Frankenstein’ and bassist Ed Bocchino of ‘Stanley’ and ‘Uppercut’. The common bond? “An addiction to excessive volume, power and driving, distorted riffs” explains Porcaro. With influences ranging from Zeppelin and the Who to The Melvins, Yob and Cro Mags, KD describes their sound as “brutal Sabbath heaviness with hardcore outbursts and disturbed vocals verging on the demented.” King’s Destroy will release their debut 7-inch on May 25th, featuring the singles “Old Yeller” and “Medusa” with digital versions available May 31st. Their yet to be titled full length, LP, produced by the legendary Sanford Parker (Pelican, Nachtmystium) is scheduled for a Fall 2010 release.

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