16 January 2012

KillKillKill - From beyond the Agave

Thanks to Eric from KillKillKill for sharing their wonderful 4 track EP with me. KillKillKill is not only a nice name, the music these lads make is also really great. A really trippy, relaxed psychedelic sound that make you see the sunshine even if it's in the middle of the night. Just lay back in the grass, turn on their music on and relax. But be careful, you could face reality when you return to earth again.
Here's their Bio, which also explains their rather confusing and aggressive name. The name indicates some different music, but do not be distracted by the name.

We are a trip-music-collective in Los Angeles made of many different musicians. A couple of friends started the collective because we were bored of terrestrial drugs and playing standard music and we needed a new psychic energy. We harnessed all the psychic energy we could find and killed what we new of standard music. We Killed the idea of traditional song structure.... We Killed traditional band makeup... and we Killed any business that has to do with our music... that is where the name Kill Kill Kill came from. We then sent an open invitation to any part of the universe that feels bored. Over the years the collective has had more than 20 members come and go and come back again. The members include our friends from childhood and more recently collaborations with cosmic brothers and sisters like members from Acid Mothers Temple and the Brian Jonestown Masacre. This is our 15th album and it was recorded in Echo Park in 2011. There is also a split 7" single with our friends Oxbow on our friends record label Hydrahead Industries for this same album.


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