14 January 2012

See you there!

There will be some heavy guitar work in the Lower Deck,Dublin on the 21. January 2012 and it will start at 8pm. It's 8 € in, so it's a fair price for a lot of bands. Would be nice to see a few people around there.

picture by Niall Ó Claonadh


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Diet Pills: A sludge noise rock band from Leicester and Coventry near Birmingham/UK

Loose Nut: Hardcore Punk Rock from Dublin/Ireland

Sickener is a 5-piece Grindcore band from Dublin/Ireland, formed in Nov 2010

Also announced:
Wölfbait another word for shite also featuring Colin Mifsud and more importantly than him Jaakko on vocals
Murmur Prog/ Kraut Rock/ Psych behemoth
Wild Rocket fuzzed out space rock messers

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