3 January 2012

THE SMOKIN' SESSIONS - Volume 1 (2008)

Today I have the Smoking Sessions Volume 1 for you. This sampler contains the best Irish Stoner Rock and Doom Metal Bands. Some really nice stuff, I tell you. You can relax to this stuff as well as bang your head. But listen for yourself:

1. Haieeta - Dragonflies Terrain
2. Speedking - Down
3. Niyah Sky - AK-48
4. PHM - Puttin' up, Throwin' Down
5. Parhelia - Ebb/Flow
6. Nocturn - Sunset Sound
7. Anodizer - House of Atterus
8. Iago - Whip the horses eyes
9. Bad Boat - The Fire
10. Utopian Ruins - Hollow Ground
11. The Angry Host - Out to Lunch
12. Skypilot - Lifter, on

Thanks to Sean O'Connor for putting this nice compilation together and a very special thanks to John O'Brien from the Irish Metal Archive for sharing this with me.

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