3 January 2012

First actual Post

Welcome everybody to my new blog. This is the first time I'm actually blogging, so the first couple of weeks will be a bit wild, I guess.
I am actually German, but I'm living in Ireland since 2nd January 2011, so please do not mind my English and correct me where you can. I can only get better.

This blog is dedicated to Stoner Rock and everything related to this genre. I am not going to blog exclusively about bands from Dublin or Ireland, I just want to bring everybody of those who live here closer together.
So I will (planned) to post a lot about our music, not only reviews. So we will see what happens in the future.

To start off my first post, I would like to introduce to you FuzzedOut from Galway, who actually has the same plan than I have, but he's way ahead.
Fuzzed Out also has a Radio show on Rascal Radio every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm (Need to change my shift, so that I'm at home around 6 on Tuesday). Tune in, I will do so!

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