1 February 2012

Rites - Self Titled

I actually don't like Sludge that much. I'm more the heavy-psychedelic-bluesy-fuzz-riff-guy, but sometimes I need a bit more than that.
Then I need a band like Rites from Galway to get what I want. Heavy in-your-face riffage and a screaming voice that is marching through your ears. Fans of 5ive, Fehler or Isis could really like this 4 piece band that was formed in Nov 2009. Kieran (Guitar/Vocals), Higgins (Guitar), Nicola (Bass) and Rory (Drums) were working together to create this beast of an EP.
Unfortunately, Rory left the Band just recently. So if you're living around Galway, are available for regular practice, gigs, recordings, tours etc, then give them a shout.

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