24 February 2012

Chocolate Love Factory - Octavia

I'm pretty sure that everybody knows this feeling: You're sitting at home, going through your music library and you don't know what to listen to. This is where Chocolate Love Factory from Northern Ireland comes in place. Influenced by many different artists like Kyuss or Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool, PJ Harvey and Stevie Wonder, Chocolate Love Factory is creating a great mixture of all of these genres and bands. And if you think that sounds like a weird mash-up of different genres, you're mistaken. The 3 lads know how to combine that all and their unique sound is ranging from Stoner Rock with Blues touches to Progressive Rock or even towards Indie.
They recently released their latest album "Octavia", which was recorded during winter 2011. The overall sound of the album is a bit deeper than the rest of their stuff and leaned more towards stoner rock, with a few more grooving elements. But this album still shows that they don't really care about what genre their music actually ranges in, they just play what they like and what sounds good. And the punk/hardcore touches here and there fit in really well. My favourite on this record is the downtuned track Octavia. But don't take my word, listen for yourself!

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Northern Irish 3-piece Chocolate Love Factory are fresh out of the studio and ready to unleash their first EP, 'Octavia'.

Groovy, dirty and intense; the EP is dripping in the distinctive octave guitar sound that guitarist Rory Dee has made his own. It mixes melody with filthy riffage, and the band (which includes new bassist Pearse McClelland) are confident that the set of songs presented on 'Octavia' will be an accurate representation of where the band is right now.

After a busy 2011 releasing singles 'Rat Bag' & 'Texty Texty' in Spring & Airbrake, Belfast in March; and summer single 'Coral Lady' with an Irish tour in August, the band are back to prove themselves once again.

Recorded in the winter months of 2011 with Neill McCartney at Pretty Circus Studios in Belfast, CLF are eager to share their new material in 2012. Releasing single 'Scarlett Blues' as a taster on 2nd February (download only at chocolatelovefactory.bandcamp.com), the EP itself will be released on both CD and online on 16th February.

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