8 February 2012

Smokin Engine

Smoking Engine is a Stoner Rock band from Dresden/Germany that was formed in 2007. These lads didn't need a bass player on their 2009 EP "On The Roads Of Cosmos Five EP" to create sounds as deep as hell. However, they now added a bass player to their team to push the speakers even more. Think of Doom that is played a bit faster with a lot of fuzz in it. All this comes with a nice rough voice that perfectly fits their rough and overall very deep sound.
Their influences are Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, Slo Burn, Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Church of Misery, Dozer and Helmet and you can hear a lot of these bands in their sound.

The members are:

Benny - Guitar, Vocals
Henry - Guitar
Max - Drums
and Thomas - Bass

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