19 February 2012

Talisman Stone

You don't really need guitars to make good music. Bass guitars are enough. The Italian band Talisman Stone from Ravenna knows that and bass guitars are pretty much all they use, apart from Sitar, Synth, Drums and Tabla. Andrea is playing the 5 string bass, Erica is playing the 4 string and Lucia is playing the drums.
All that makes their sound really hard to classify. It ranges from Industrial, Psychedelic Rock over to Stoner Rock, Shoegaze and Post Hardcore with a lot of bass driven sounds, of course. Because of this, they are really worth listening to. And they are coming to Ireland for a short tour around the country, so if you're around, you should definitely go to their gigs. The dates are as follows:

  • May 3 2012: TBA, Galway
  • May 4 2012: Pheonix/Kildare
  • May 5 2012: The Pint/Dublin

Band Members:
Andrea Giuliani - Vocals/Lead Bass Guitar/Sitar
Erica Bassani -Lead vocals/Bass Guitar/Flute
Lucia Centolani - Drums/Tabla

TalismanStone are a trio playing without guitars, made for 2/3 by women and for 2/3 by bassists. Indeed they’re formed by Andrea on vocals, 5 strings bass guitar, effects, sitar and synth; Erica playing the 4 strings bass and on the backing vocals; Lucia playing drums and tabla. Their sound is the result of stoner, rock, shoegaze, noise rock, post punk, post hardcore, industrial, dark, metal and indie influences, and that’s maybe the reason why it is still difficult to classify them in only one genre. Active since 2008 with concerts and recordings: our first album "Sunya" produced by the German label Graveyard Confessional, and this autumn they’ll have their second album "Lovecraftopolis" produced by the Italian label Moonlight Records

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