10 February 2012

Weed Priest

Doom mixed up with a lot of Stoner Rock riffs and a touch of Psychedelic tunes, that is Weed Priest from Galway. The two Lithuanians Adam Demon Lung (Guitar/Vocals) and Ragas Sabbath (Bass) are riffing you deep into the world beyond, here and there guided by Adam Demon Lung's demonic voice, while the Irishman Adrian Z Goat (Drums) is giving you the rhythm for the journey. And they are not going to take you for a short journey. None of their live recorded track is under six minutes, many of them going towards 12 minutes or beyond, and they were all recorded in one or two takes.
They also have a stunning cover of Kyuss' "Molten Universe" that is critically looking at global warming and a cover of Led Zeppelins "When The Levee Breaks". I am a big Kyuss fan myself, so I'm picky when it comes to Kyuss covers, but you really shouldn't miss this rather unconventional version of "Molten Universe".

The Priest was invoked by his 3 acolytes on October 31st of 2008. After six eons of deep slumber He now once again roams the plain of mortals preaching the sermon of doom this world is yet to wake up to.

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