When I moved from Germany to Ireland in January 2011, I left a nice Stoner Rock scene and I left a lot of live concerts behind. I found myself a bit lost in Dublin and I had no idea how to find Stoner Rock gigs here. After I started the Stoner Rock Dublin Facebook Group, I got in touch with FuzzedOut and I realised that I am not alone when it comes to Stoner Rock on this Island.
Therefore I decided to start this blog, to bring us all closer together. I hope that I can contribute to the Stoner scene in Dublin and Ireland and I also hope that we all are going to have a great time, full of great gigs.
But posts will not only be about Stoner Rock from Dublin, you will also find Bands from all around the world. So if you have any question, a gig that we all should go to, demo material from your band that you would like to see on this blog, then feel free to contact me at

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