12 January 2012


Did you think that the only instruments you can use to make good psychedelic stoner rock are guitars and bass? Well, think again!
Grombira from Würzburg/Germany (this is where I am from, by the way. Well, not really, but close ot it) are creating a spheric sound that makes you relaxed, no matter how busy your day was, with oriental instruments. Raleph Nebl is using the Oud and his mesmerizing voice to beam you into the spheres of you brain, while Joe Köhlers Saz (or Bağlama) is supporting the psychedelic experience. The whole journey is guided by the grooving drums of Flo Eckhoff.
They already opened Karma to Burn when they played in the Cafe Cairo in Würzburg and are currently recording their first album, so stay tuned. Maybe I will get a copy of it.

Here's some stuff from their rehearsal room:


Würzburg - view over the city

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