7 January 2012

Evil Cosmonaut

We're going to Russia today. This is were Evil Cosmonaut is from. Formed in 2008 by Alex ‘Kaza’ Kazachev (guitar, vocals), Denis ‘Memphisdead’ Petrov (bass) and Konstantin Sosnin (drums), these lads bring us a very nice fuzzy heavy blues rock with stoner influences. The first Demo was released somewhen 2008 and I've been waiting for new stuff for a long time. They now released their new Album "We have landed". Have a listen to them, lean back and enjoy this Saturday evening with their Demo EP.

Evil Cosmonaut - Demo:

1. Today
2. Evil Aliens
3. Green Magic
4. Fourth Planet



The video quality is not good, but the sound is alright:

1 comment:

  1. just downloaded the EP! nice vibe & road feelings! great job!