29 January 2012

Realistic Train

It's about time that I have another Stoner Rock Band from Dublin on this blog, and here it is:
Realistic Train from Dublin. Realistic Train is a 3 piece stoner rock band, which plays some nice and fast garage rock like stoner that easily gets you off your chair or whatever you sit on. Lowrider meets Feuerzeug with a lot of stoner is probably the best way to desribe their style. But listen for yourself!!

Here's something about them from Facebook:

Realistic Train are a Dublin based stoner rock band formed in 2008 with the sole intent of bringing big riffs and songs about cosmic trains to the masses. Thus far, the group have recorded and released one demo and continue to rock hard and ride free, gigging all around Ireland.

and more from their Myspace-Page:

We are a ROCK band originally formed from members of Mongolia (Dunchee: drums, Tob Swift: bass) and Terrordactyl (Owensie Owens: guitar and vocals) while both of these bands were on hiatus, with the aim of writing some psychedelic/ stoner/ garage rock anthems to get us through the dark Irish summer. The original concept was formed more or less over a weekend at the Roadburn Fest in Holland last year, during the consumption of many good beers, blemmers, space cookies and mushrooms. By the end of the dark summer, as the sun re-emerged from the black clouds above us to waste it's distant rays upon our frost painted hills, the intitial project had taken on sufficient momentum to continue as a realistic band. The irony was not lost on each band member equally. "Ha ha ha", we laughed, heartily. Except Dunchee, who did one better and realized his long-term plan to move down under to Melbourne, Australia. In stepped Ruari Conaty, ex-fellow band member of Puget Sound with Owensie from back in the day. Out stepped Ror several gigs later to make way for Kenn Sweeney (Easpa Measa, The Boy You Hit is Dead...). Having recorded our first demo with Dunchee before he departed these shores, we are STILL in the rehearsal studio of reality, composing more songs from the vast bulk of material that we have generated over this time. This summer sees the emergence of a cosmic fear, a fear of the infinite universe, the galactic realities incomprehensable to the human mind; a creation of our small brains; constricted by the institutions which suppress our imagination, our visions of the past, and of the future, directing us ever closer to our own oblivion. Within the immediate surroundings of the more tangible rehearsal studio, where invisible waves collide in unison and reverberate, shaking the ground upon which we stand, legs wide, our heads and hair ever rocking back and forth, we travel to and fro, across time AND space, from the confines of the practice room to the margins of orion, from the small streets of Dublin to the colliding galaxies and expanding systems of the distant universe, the Train carries on.... ROLLING DOWN THE TRACKS INSIDE YOUR MIND NOW!!!

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26 January 2012

Russian Circles - Ireland Tour

Russian Circles is a three piece post-rock band from Chicago. It's not exactly a stoner rock band, but Russian Circles creates a nice wall of sound and I'm really looking forward to the gig in the Button Factory.
But they will also Tour through Ireland with a stop in Belfast and in Limerick from the 26th to the 28th of April this year.

Check out the Bands Bio from Wikipedia:

Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental rock/metal band from Chicago. Russian Circles play instrumental, sprawling music which runs the gamut of heavy discordant metal, to soft delicate passages. They are also known for their energetic live shows, mostly headlining now but in their earlier days they toured with the likes of Boris, Isis, Red Sparowes, Minus the Bear, Daughters, Coheed & Cambria, Mono, and Pelican as well as appearances at the 2006 SXSW, and 2009's Bonnaroo. They were also the opening band for Tool while playing their first tour in the United Kingdom in 2007. Their name is taken from a drill exercise used in the game of ice hockey.

Formed in late 2004 by guitarist Mike Sullivan and bassist Colin DeKuiper (both formerly of instrumental band Dakota/Dakota), they quickly recruited drummer Dave Turncrantz, formerly of St. Louis band Riddle of Steel. In the autumn of 2007, it was announced that the band had parted ways with Colin DeKuiper. As a result, the bass tracks on their second album, titled Station, were handled by ex-Botch/These Arms Are Snakes bass player Brian Cook. The group's third full-length, Geneva, was released on October 20, 2009 and reached No. 24 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. In 2011, Russian Circles signed to Sargent House who had previously only exclusively released the band's albums on limited edition vinyl. Their fourth studio album Empros was released on October 25, 2011. A supporting tour with Deafheaven followed the release.

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25 January 2012

Baleful Creed

Nice heavy grooving riffs, pounding drums and a Danzig like voice to make your head bang. That is Baleful Creed from Belfast and they are really using the power of two guitars to blow you away. They will be live in the Ma Nelsons in Belfast together with Double Wide to present their new EP "Buried Beneath" this Saturday 28th January. Make sure that you don't miss this event!

Baleful Creed are a four piece band from Belfast and North County Down ready to pour out their classic rock influenced tunes in a passionate live performance.
Featuring a dual guitar team that lay down head- nodding chunky riffs that touch on the Stoner Rock sounds of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Fireball Ministry.
Soul searching lyrics that have been dragged from the well of life's broken promises and experiences, are woven into ear catching tunes that are fuelled by the stomp of a powerful bass and drum rhythm section.

From Stonerrock.eu

Baleful Creed, from Belfast, Northern Ireland were formed with the lure to try their hand at their own songs which were influenced by Black Sabbath, Danzig, Goatsnake and Fireball Ministry, resulted in their songs becoming head-nodding chunky riffed tunes filled with soulful melodic vocals. Their music is spreading rapidly through the dedicated rock radio stations, such as Total Biker FM, ARFM (London), and many internet rock stations like Rock Radio NI, ShineFM, South West Donegal FM and the band have featured twice in live interviews/acoustic sessions on Belfast's Blast FM 106.4.

The latest EP called Buried Beneath, which was recorded in the same studios that The Answer use, was officially released on 28 January 2012 in Ma Nelson's Rock Bar, Belfast. The Killing Time debut EP was released earlier in 2011. The band have also played support to Bill Steer's (Carcass/Napalm Death) blues rock band Firebird in the Limelight in October 2011 and have gained rave reviews from their live shows.


From Phil Allely for Total Biker FM: Buried Beneath acts as a perfect introduction to the boys Southern Rock influenced double guitar–based doom tinged sound. Here we get to see the stoner rock roots, the classic rock influenced guitar hooks and of course there is the fist-punching attitude, which along with those twin guitars, let Baleful Creed strut their collective stuff very well indeed (4 out of 5 stars).

From Mark Ashby for This Is Not A Scene: Live Review - Baleful Creed – a classic rock quartet playing like a modernised Mott The Hoople, complete with ravaging guitar solos. ‘Fortune Seeker’ is a strong song, with its stoner elements mixed with classic late 60s/early 70s inflections, while ‘Crazy Man’ is another highlight of this well-performed set, melding Black Sabbath style riffs with modern influences such as Danzig. The second half of their set is just glorious.

From Mark Ashby for HevyPetal: Opener Baleful Creed sums up the entire package in one fell blow – heavy southern rock with a strong doom undertone, grinding yet melodic twin guitars, and vocals that sound like Zakk Wylde if he could actually sing! There are elements of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, Danzig and The Cult all fused into a neat, toe-tapping package.

Greg 'Fin' Finlay - Vocals/Guitar
'Brother' John Allen - Guitar
Stephen 'Thor' Fleming - Bass Guitar
Mark 'Guinness' Stewart - Drums

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23 January 2012

Kings Destroy

Thanks to Steve Murphy from Kings Destroy for sharing their album with me. Kings Destroy is a nice downtempo doomlike stonerrock band from Brooklyn/NYC. Since Steve Murphy is an Irish citizen, who's representing Ireland and Stoner Rock in the whole wide world, it's a great pleasure for me, to share this album with you.
Their sound is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath with a great mixture of other Stoner Rock and and especially Doom Bands like Electric Wizard. And all that has a nice Hardcore finish. I always say, that you can classify the early Sabbath Work as Stoner Rock and these guys prove that I'm (almost) right.
The members are Carl Porcaro (Guitar), Chris Skowronski (Guitar), Steve Murphy(Vocals), Rob Sefcik (Drums), Ed Bocchino (Bass)

Bio: Kings Destroy, NYC’s newest hybrid of Stoner Rock, Doom and Hardcore, unites musicians from many of the genres’ most prolific bands. Hailing from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, KD features guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski from legendary, 100k album selling ‘Killing Time’, vocalist Steve Murphy from ‘Uppercut’, drummer Rob Sefcik formerly of ‘Mans Ruin’, ‘The Begotten’, ‘Uppercut’ and ‘Electric Frankenstein’ and bassist Ed Bocchino of ‘Stanley’ and ‘Uppercut’. The common bond? “An addiction to excessive volume, power and driving, distorted riffs” explains Porcaro. With influences ranging from Zeppelin and the Who to The Melvins, Yob and Cro Mags, KD describes their sound as “brutal Sabbath heaviness with hardcore outbursts and disturbed vocals verging on the demented.” King’s Destroy will release their debut 7-inch on May 25th, featuring the singles “Old Yeller” and “Medusa” with digital versions available May 31st. Their yet to be titled full length, LP, produced by the legendary Sanford Parker (Pelican, Nachtmystium) is scheduled for a Fall 2010 release.

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We Hunt Buffalo

This band should definitely more recognised. We Hunt Buffalo is a Stoner Rock trio from Vancouver/Canada which plays some nice fuzzy tunes and they remind me a bit of the Truckfighters with a touch of Asteroid. The bandmembers are Ryan Forsythe (Vocals/Guitar/Bari Sax), Brendan Simpson (Bass/Vocals) and Brandon Carter (Drums/Percussion)
This is their deupt LP, which follow up album to their self titled EP, released in 2010.

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, We Hunt Buffalo plays dirty, grimy stoner rock with fuzz-tastic results. Animal rights activists rest assured, they use the whole buffalo.

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22 January 2012

The Machine - New Album coming up!

The Machine is a heavy-psychedelic band from Rotterdam/Holland. The members are David Eering (guitar/vocals), Davy Boogaard (drums) and Hans van Heemst (bass). They are going to release their fourth album called "Calmer Than You Are" in March and it will be released on Elektrohasch. You can listen to the song Sphere already and it's a really nice track in the style of The Machine. Although they decided to do a more straight forward rock album, you can still here the heavy psych influences that makes the sound of The Machine so unique.

More infos and full interview with The Machine at stonerrock.eu and their website

19 January 2012


Just added the Events to the Tab-Bar which lets you quickly access upcoming Events in Ireland. The design isn't quite right yet, so I will tweak it during the next few days until we are all satisfied with the look and feel. So stay tuned for updates. Should you think that there's a gig missing, email me at stonerrockdublin@gmail.com and let me know where, when and who's going to play and I will add it to the Events.

There are two Events coming up this Saturday 21st. The first one is Wizards of Firetop Mountain, Celtachor & O.P.O.D- Live at The Blind Pig for all you lads in and around Limerick.
The second one this Saturday is Diet Pills, Loose Nut, Sickener, Wölfbait, Murmur and Wild Rockets in The Lower Deck for the Dublin area.

18 January 2012

Pyramidal - Dawn in Space

Thanks to Pyramidal from Spain for sharing their first Album with me. It reminds me of a great mixture between Samsara Blues Experiment, The:Egocentrics and The Heads.

Pyramidal is a Psychedelic / Space-Rock band from Alicante, Spain. Their influences come from progressive and hard rock bands of the 70s such as Hawkwind, Can, Black Sabbath, Amon Düül II, Captain Beyond or Ash Ra Tempel.

Born in 2010, Pyramidal’s members have a long career within the hard rock, stoner and psychedelic music scene, and played in several bands before.
Their first work came up at the end of December 2011 under the title “Dawn In Space”.
A seven tracks LP mostly instrumental, full of lysergic sounds, obscure psychedelia and hypnotic rhythms that will take you to the deepest trance.

Enjoy your cosmic journey with us!

The crew:

Miguel Rodes: Bass

Miguel Angel Sanz: Guitar & Synthesizer

Oscar Soler: Guitar & Vocals

Lluis Mas: Drums & Percussion


Dawn In Space (CD, Radix Records, 2011)

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17 January 2012

Orange Goblin in Dublin!!!


The Pint
Fri 20th April 2012

Tickets €17.50 inc fees from www.ticketmaster.ie & outlets nationwide, Sound Cellar & Into The Void Records



Wizards Of Firetop Mountain


ORANGE GOBLIN will release their brand new studio album ‘A EULOGY FOR THE DAMNED’ on Monday 13th February 2012. This date is the same day as Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut album in 1970!

Monday 13th February 2012 – UK & R.O.W

Tuesday 14th February 2012 – USA

This is the bands 7th studio album but first for new home CANDLELIGHT RECORDS.

The album was recorded at The Animal Farm studio in South London, UK. It was produced and engineered by Jamie Dodd and mastered by twice Grammy nominated Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering.

The album will be released on CD and Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve.

The full track-listing will be as follows:

1 – Red Tide Rising
2 – Stand for Something
3 – Acid Trial
4 – The Filthy & The Few
5 – Save Me from Myself
6 – The Fog
7 – Return to Mars
8 – Death of Aquarius
9 – The Bishops Wolf
10 – A Eulogy for the Damned

To celebrate the release of the new album the band will hit the road in April 2012 for the ‘A Eulogy for the Damned UK & Ireland Tour’. Dates for this are as follows and support on all dates (except Irish shows) comes from GRIFTER:

April 2012

Sat 7 – Desertfest @ The Underworld, London
Sun 8 – The Fleece, Bristol
Mon 9 – The Old Bell, Derby
Tue 10 – Classic Grand, Glasgow
Wed 11 – Sound Control, Manchester
Thu 12 – The Garage, Swansea
Fri 13 – The White Rabbit, Plymouth
Sat 14 – o2 Academy, Oxford
Fri 20 – The Pint, Dublin
Sat 21 – Spring & Airbrake, Belfast

Orange Goblin will also be appearing live at the following (with more festivals to be announced soon):

Sun 13th Nov 2011 – Candlefest, Moho Live, Manchester
Sat 3rd Dec 2011 – Hard Rock Hell V, Prestatyn, North Wales
Sat 17th Dec 2011 – The Underworld, Camden, London
Sat 14th Jan 2012 – Club Zeljeznicar, Zagreb, Croatia
15th – 17th Jun 2012 – Hellfest, Clisson, France (Exact date still to be confirmed)
Sat 11th Aug 2012 – Bloodstock Open Air Fest, Derbyshire

European Booking Agent – Klaus Koschel – klaus@vibra-agency.de

US Booking Agent – Erik Jarvis – erik@tonedeaftouring.com

Press Contacts – Darren Toms – d.toms@plastichead.com
Paula Hogan – paula@candelightrecordsusa.com

Band Management – One Fifteen – ben@onefifteen.com

Also have a look at Facebook

16 January 2012

KillKillKill - From beyond the Agave

Thanks to Eric from KillKillKill for sharing their wonderful 4 track EP with me. KillKillKill is not only a nice name, the music these lads make is also really great. A really trippy, relaxed psychedelic sound that make you see the sunshine even if it's in the middle of the night. Just lay back in the grass, turn on their music on and relax. But be careful, you could face reality when you return to earth again.
Here's their Bio, which also explains their rather confusing and aggressive name. The name indicates some different music, but do not be distracted by the name.

We are a trip-music-collective in Los Angeles made of many different musicians. A couple of friends started the collective because we were bored of terrestrial drugs and playing standard music and we needed a new psychic energy. We harnessed all the psychic energy we could find and killed what we new of standard music. We Killed the idea of traditional song structure.... We Killed traditional band makeup... and we Killed any business that has to do with our music... that is where the name Kill Kill Kill came from. We then sent an open invitation to any part of the universe that feels bored. Over the years the collective has had more than 20 members come and go and come back again. The members include our friends from childhood and more recently collaborations with cosmic brothers and sisters like members from Acid Mothers Temple and the Brian Jonestown Masacre. This is our 15th album and it was recorded in Echo Park in 2011. There is also a split 7" single with our friends Oxbow on our friends record label Hydrahead Industries for this same album.


15 January 2012

Go Down Records Compilation

Thanks to Max from the Italian label Go Down Records for sharing this nice compilation with me.
This compilation features 30 Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Rock 'n' Roll tracks that were released during the existing of Go Down Records. This is a nice collection of songs and you shouldn't miss it. So enjoy this nice piece of work:

Tracks: (Band / Track title / Album title)

1 Dome La Muerte And The Diggers / Session Man /Diggersonz
2 Muzzled / Gimme More / Reborn
3 The Morlocks / Dirty Red / Easy Listening For The Underachiever
4 Clepydra / Jimi Plays My Guitar / Marmalade Sky
5 Poison Deluxe / Mature Wine / The Three Dead Blues
6 Muffx / Like Before / Small Obsession
7 Maya Mountains / Wanna Know What I Know? / Hash And Pornography
8 Ojm / Oceans Hearts / Volcano
9 Re Dinamite / Fuzzy Love / Split Connetion Vol.1 With Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata
11 Cut / Summertime / Annihilation Road
12 The Sade / Deaf Love / Damned Love
13 Link Protrudi & The Jaymen /Bandito /The Beast Of Link Protrudi & The Jaymen
14 The Last Killers /Flesh And Proud (Feat.Brian Auger)/Violent Years
15 The Shoes / Talk With You / The Shoes
16 Losfuocos / Revolution / Revolution Losfuocos
17 Pater Nembrot / Supercell / Sequoia Seeds
18 Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata / Barons &Bankers / Barons & Bankers
19 Glincolti / Ferma Un Momento / Visti & Imprevisti
20 The Strange Flowers / Hollywood / Vagina Mother
21 Gorilla / Hot Cars / Rock Our Souls
22 Veracrash / Beyond The Grave / 11:11
23 El Thule / Black Mamba / Green Magic
24 Underdogs / Fuck Coverband / Ready To Burn
25 King Size / Money Laundering / Guess It
26 Volcano Heat / The Sky / Vive Le Rock!
27 Fango / What I Think / Icarus
28 The Fuzztones / Me Tarzan, You Jane In Heat / Raw Heat
29 Autumn's Rain / Too Loud / Autumn's Rain
30 Horrible Porno Stuntmen / Camon / Unpublished Of Next Album Of 2012

14 January 2012

See you there!

There will be some heavy guitar work in the Lower Deck,Dublin on the 21. January 2012 and it will start at 8pm. It's 8 € in, so it's a fair price for a lot of bands. Would be nice to see a few people around there.

picture by Niall Ó Claonadh


View Larger Map

Diet Pills: A sludge noise rock band from Leicester and Coventry near Birmingham/UK

Loose Nut: Hardcore Punk Rock from Dublin/Ireland

Sickener is a 5-piece Grindcore band from Dublin/Ireland, formed in Nov 2010

Also announced:
Wölfbait another word for shite also featuring Colin Mifsud and more importantly than him Jaakko on vocals
Murmur Prog/ Kraut Rock/ Psych behemoth
Wild Rocket fuzzed out space rock messers

Samurai - Todo El Odio Del Unicornio

Thanks to Santiago Montrucchio from the Argentinian stoner rock band Samurai for sharing their first CD.
These three Lads play some great stoner rock witch a touch of psychedelica and heavy riff-work and are obviously influenced by bands like Los Natas, Kyuss or Viaje A 800. Especially the track Casablanca reminds me of the good old Kyuss days.
This is a nice piece of nine grooving tracks that will bring the desert straight into your living room, so don't hesitate and get it now!


12 January 2012


Did you think that the only instruments you can use to make good psychedelic stoner rock are guitars and bass? Well, think again!
Grombira from Würzburg/Germany (this is where I am from, by the way. Well, not really, but close ot it) are creating a spheric sound that makes you relaxed, no matter how busy your day was, with oriental instruments. Raleph Nebl is using the Oud and his mesmerizing voice to beam you into the spheres of you brain, while Joe Köhlers Saz (or Bağlama) is supporting the psychedelic experience. The whole journey is guided by the grooving drums of Flo Eckhoff.
They already opened Karma to Burn when they played in the Cafe Cairo in Würzburg and are currently recording their first album, so stay tuned. Maybe I will get a copy of it.

Here's some stuff from their rehearsal room:


Würzburg - view over the city

10 January 2012

Mongolia - Black Leaf Demo

I'm very proud to introduce to you the band Mongolia. A three piece Stoner Rock band from Dublin, Ireland. This band creates an amazing wall of sound like Karma to Burn or Tank 86 with hints of Toner Low, that will blow you mind and melt your brain while listening to it. I actually have to repress the urge the turn the volume up to the max, lay back and give a shit about this blog entry. But I would like to share this with you all and not only with my neighbours.
Unfortunately Mongolia is not gigging or writing at the moment, since they are committed to other bands at the moment like Realistic Train and Wizards Of Firetop Mountain (reviews in the future), but I hope to see them in action someday.

Stoner Rock by the Stoner Rockers!

Mongolia, a three piece instrumental stoner rock band, formed in Dublin, Ireland in December 2004 and performed their first gig in Bohs Bar, Dalymount Park, Dublin on March 31st 2005. A few more shows were played soon after and a two track demo was recorded at this stage to mark time ahead of a planned hiatus which saw then off the gig scene from May of '05 until March the following year.

In March 2006 Mongolia resumed by playing support to "Puget Sound" at their final show in "Crawdaddy", Dublin and they went on gigging consistently throughout Ireland playing 20+ shows including "Vagabongs of the Western World" - an unprecedented 8 date Irish tour in August of that year taking in Dublin, Cork (Doom 102) , Limerick , Galway , Leitrim (a sunrise/drug fuelled set at SAI Fest+ a House Party) ,Mayo(House Party) and Kilcoole-Co.Wicklow. They finished the year with a performance at the 2006 GGI in Edinburgh, Scotland,then played support to Sunn O))) in Belfast and Galway and followed this up by supporting "Kylesa" for their show in Dublins "Voodoo Lounge" alongside "Slomatics" and "The Boy You Hit Is Dead". At this point a two track demo was once again recorded to mark time before embarking on another planned hiatus.

In April 2007 the band regrouped and, in the best traditions of d.i.y, hastily put together a four track tour sampler CD to spread far and wide as they set off on a seven date European Tour taking in England ( Brighton), Belgium (Gent), Holland (Utrecht+Den Haag) and Germany (Rostock+Bremen)! Songs featured on this self-titled disc were Black Leaf, IV (recorded and mixed by Eoin Whitfield and James Eager respectively at Hive Studios, Kilcoole - Nov. '06) I and III (recorded live at the Voodoo Lounge by Peter Sisk - 28/04/06) Gigging around Ireland continued consistently throughout the remainder of the year including summer festivals and weekenders.

2008 saw Mongolia release their first full, self-titled, four track demo CD (later becoming known as "Black Leaf") Songs featured on this release were "I", "II", "III" and "Black Leaf". These tracks were recorded in February by Jon Kelly in The Jam Factory Thomas Street and mixed by James Eager of Hive Studios. They then set off in March for a ten day UK tour with fellow three piece stoner doom disciples "End The Agony". Immediately preceded by a T-shirt/CD launch alongside "Trenches", "Exploding Birds" and"Truck" in Dublins "Lower Deck" they went on to play in Brighton, Nottingham, London, Bristol, Bradford, Edinburgh,Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester. Following on from this the band gigged on playing a smattering of shows around Ireland culminating in a weekend of dates with Berlin sludgecore merchants "Insuiciety".It was now once again time for a planned hiatus! One track ("Stoned Nomad") was recorded and mixed by James Eager to yet again mark time. Tob and Dunch used this hiatus to form "Realistic Train" with Owensie("Terrordactyl") over the summer. In September Mongolia were back and embarked on a "Southern Rampage:3 Days of Hell Super Tour" stonering up with "End The Agony" whilst also merging the tour with "Sotatila" (Austria/Finland hardcore) and "Ruidosa Inmundicia"(Austria/Chile hardcore). These gigs were billed as "possibly" Mongolias last as a lenghty hiatus was bearing down upon the horizon...

2009 saw the band working on other projects as Mongolia remained on hiatus.

2010 began with a free digital re-release of the "Black Leaf" demo with "Stoned Nomad" added as a "bonus track". In March Damo and Tob arrived in Australia and joined Dunch(who had moved there 18 mths previously)to quickly reunite and work on new matherial before setting off on a 7 date/4 week tour of Australia, playing gigs and a festival(Such Is Life) with Aussie stoner bands "Satori" and "Spacebong" amongst many others. By May of 2010 the members once more found themselves in different hemispheres and so it was again time for a hiatus.

In June 2011 Mongolia briefly regrouped and played "Doom over the Deck" supporting "Council of Tanith" for their LP release alongside "Rites", "Síoraí Geimhreadh" and "Fortress"(now "ZOM"). They also supported "Twisted Mass" on the release of their EP in July and performed at the 10th Rockfest in Dublin in August.

The Stoners keep on Rolling
Notes on members:

Damo also plays Guitar in "Easpa Measa" and Drums in "Contort"
Tob also plays Bass in "Realistic Train" and Guitar in "Wizards Of Firetop Mountain"
Dunch also drums in "Realistic Train" and is the Vocalist in "Wizards Of Firetop Mountain"

Youtube | Facebook | Download

8 January 2012

Pax - II

Thanks to Arthur for sharing their EP with me. Pax is a four piece stoner rock band with a touch of metal and progressive/post rock from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The band members are Arthur Zarpelon (Vocals & Guitar), Daniel Ribeiro (Guitar & Backing Vocals), J Monaco (Drums & Percussion) and Thiago Veiga (Bass) and they really know how to do their job. Great heavy riff-work combined with a great voice makes you head bang, but you can also lay back and enjoy like with "House on the Sand" They recently released their Album "II" that contains a nice load of 4 songs + 1 bonus track from their first EP, which I would like to share with you.

Soundcloud | Facebook | Flickr | Download

7 January 2012

Evil Cosmonaut

We're going to Russia today. This is were Evil Cosmonaut is from. Formed in 2008 by Alex ‘Kaza’ Kazachev (guitar, vocals), Denis ‘Memphisdead’ Petrov (bass) and Konstantin Sosnin (drums), these lads bring us a very nice fuzzy heavy blues rock with stoner influences. The first Demo was released somewhen 2008 and I've been waiting for new stuff for a long time. They now released their new Album "We have landed". Have a listen to them, lean back and enjoy this Saturday evening with their Demo EP.

Evil Cosmonaut - Demo:

1. Today
2. Evil Aliens
3. Green Magic
4. Fourth Planet



The video quality is not good, but the sound is alright:

4 January 2012


Gearmandude! One of my favourites when it comes to Fuzz-Pedal reviews. Some say he might be Jack Black, I say I don't know and I don't mind. I actually don't even mind that he is making reviews, I just listen to him shredding those pedals. And most of them are amazing!!! I love his sound, and so do you, I guess. So, since I don't have anything else to say today, enjoy this beast of Fuzz! Earthquaker Devices is one of the best names for Pedals anyway.


His YouTube Channel

3 January 2012

THE SMOKIN' SESSIONS - Volume 1 (2008)

Today I have the Smoking Sessions Volume 1 for you. This sampler contains the best Irish Stoner Rock and Doom Metal Bands. Some really nice stuff, I tell you. You can relax to this stuff as well as bang your head. But listen for yourself:

1. Haieeta - Dragonflies Terrain
2. Speedking - Down
3. Niyah Sky - AK-48
4. PHM - Puttin' up, Throwin' Down
5. Parhelia - Ebb/Flow
6. Nocturn - Sunset Sound
7. Anodizer - House of Atterus
8. Iago - Whip the horses eyes
9. Bad Boat - The Fire
10. Utopian Ruins - Hollow Ground
11. The Angry Host - Out to Lunch
12. Skypilot - Lifter, on

Thanks to Sean O'Connor for putting this nice compilation together and a very special thanks to John O'Brien from the Irish Metal Archive for sharing this with me.

First actual Post

Welcome everybody to my new blog. This is the first time I'm actually blogging, so the first couple of weeks will be a bit wild, I guess.
I am actually German, but I'm living in Ireland since 2nd January 2011, so please do not mind my English and correct me where you can. I can only get better.

This blog is dedicated to Stoner Rock and everything related to this genre. I am not going to blog exclusively about bands from Dublin or Ireland, I just want to bring everybody of those who live here closer together.
So I will (planned) to post a lot about our music, not only reviews. So we will see what happens in the future.

To start off my first post, I would like to introduce to you FuzzedOut from Galway, who actually has the same plan than I have, but he's way ahead.
Fuzzed Out also has a Radio show on Rascal Radio every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm (Need to change my shift, so that I'm at home around 6 on Tuesday). Tune in, I will do so!

2 January 2012

Hello world

This is my first Post in my Stoner Rock Dublin Blog. We'll see what's going to happen with this blog, so stay tuned....