10 April 2012

The past - The present - The Future

Many of you wondered what actually happened to StonerRockDublin over the last couple of weeks. No updates over a long time, not present on Facebook or Twitter. But what really happened?
I got a bit bored with my job and I wanted to get something else while staying with the product I was working with over the last year. Since I had no change to find the job I was looking for here in Ireland I started looking around somewhere else. At the same time I broke up with my girlfriend, since that wasn't working out to well either. Unfortunately, the apartment is a bit over my budget and therefore I have to leave the apartment very soon. I then lost his motivation to write due to all of this at the same time.
I applied for a job back in Germany and I was lucky to get this job. This is why I am going back to Germany in a few weeks and I am not too sure what will happen to StonerRockDublin.
I would like to keep it updated and continue posting about Stoner Rock here in Dublin, since it was a great time and I always got great feedback for this blog. But it would be weird to continue, considering the fact that I won't live in Dublin anymore.
I will do a few new entries before I leave and I also got a Stoner Rock compilation planned. So, give me some feedback what you think and we will see what happens to our website in the future.
Cheers for everything

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the new job and new future ahead.

    a shame we'll not get to meet up in Dublin at the Mother Fuzzers Ball on 16 June after all.